Stopping time is now possible

BeautyGinny offers a wide range of functional vegan cosmetic products for face and body
able to respond effectively in a targeted and fast way to the needs of beauty and to the prevention
of all types of skin problems

Our products can be used in everyday life; they are a pampering that we must allow ourselves, a moment of pure relaxation for ourselves, and are a targeted diet that serves to effectively feed the skin, the largest organ of our body.

8 Good Reasons

To choose our products

Together with a team of expert cosmetologists we have devepoled effective and targeted products capable of significantly improving skin blemishes with rapid results.

We follow very specific rules and protocols that we have imposed upon ourselves in order to meet our totally natural, biological and 100% vegan philosophy of production.

Excellent quality

We have the best quality active ingredients on the market

100% Vegan

They contain no ingredients or substances derived from animals

100% biological

They contain only ingredients derived from organic agriculture.

100% Hypoallergenic

They contain no substances that cause allergies.


Aromatherapy action designed for psychophysical well-being

Cruelty Free

None of our products are tested on animals.


They are suitable for both female and male needs

Made in Italy

They are produced by a laboratory based in Italy

Start a new era for timeless beauty

The innovative professional device
for the care of the face and body
directly in your home.

Our goal is “Beautiful Outside and Beautiful Inside”

For a perfect balance between body and mind.

By combining and personalizing the use of the products in our Beauty Ateliers
according to the protocols that we have individually formulated for the person,
it is possible to create new, incisive, intensive treatments, in line with the beauty and health needs of your skin.

BeautyGinny Academy